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The Reasons About Mobile Learning Comes With Overwhelming Momentum In Enterprises


With the intensification of knowledge explosion and social competition, people need to study at anytime and anywhere and update information timely. With the increasing mobility in learning and life, enterprises also must adapt to these changes continuously.

In the field of enterprise training, the training mode has been changed because of the introduction of information technology. The single face-to-face training mode (the main training mode in the past) turns into coexistent mode (face-to-face training mode and online learning mode). However, there are more and more increasing requirements for employees in the enterprise nowadays with the increasing requirements about enterprise production, operation and management and each business data analysis. The employee training & learning system which is only based on E-learning has been difficult to satisfy the further development requirement of the enterprise. So, M-learning becomes more and more popular in the enterprises. In Chinese enterprises, M-learning is often translated into Mobile learning, which refers to remote learning mode under the guiding ideology of employees' lifelong learning by modern mobile communication terminals such as Pad, smartphone etc. Compared with the original E-learning mode, everything is improved for the M-learning in the digital, networking, intelligent and media. Learners are also not limited by computers (desktops, laptops) and cables and they can study at anywhere and anytime.

As a new kind of learning mode, the M-learning combines with network technology, mobile communication technology and education filed. It not only has the characteristics of mobility, high efficiency and universality, but also has strong intelligent interaction and learning resources sharing. Moreover, it can meet learners’ requirements for personalized learning. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the construction of Mobile-learning (i.e., building enterprise training and learning system by mobile mode) so as to meet the real-time and targeted for employees' learning.

As the main mode of internet training, E-learning moves the contents and scenes of classroom training to the Internet. Employees can study on line by computers during their spare time. By network college learning, it does not need to organize employees for intensive training. It only requires employees to login the E-learning website by computer, which adapts to the scattered organizational structure of enterprises.

However, the employees’ business is busy and it is time-consuming and inefficient by network college learning. With the development of the company's business and the daily work of employees getting busier and busier, E-learning mode provides employees with good learning resources from the company's perspective.

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