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The Relationship Between E-Learning And Traditional Training


E-learning is not the subversion or the end of traditional training, but the supplement and perfection of it. E-learning and traditional training constitute the whole of which an organization implements training. Due to the limitation of time and space, the traditional training only solves the problem of "point" and "line" of the enterprise training. However, e-learning and OJT (on-the-job coaching and training) realize the training at any time and anywhere, which solves the problem of the organization training "plane" and the value of e-learning.
Because e-learning is mainly achieved by three aspects: technology, contents and service. (Technology mainly refers to the software technology platform; content mainly refers to the training courseware and the knowledge. It may include the management class, IT class, the language class and other class curriculum according to the application; the service mainly refers to consultation service in overall planning and the implementation of the training system, the curriculum system and the skill system, which supports the effective operation of e-learning). E-learning has unparalleled value for enterprise training because of this kind of combination.

It leads to the revolution of learning style and changes promotion into pull. E-learning actually brings learning to people instead of taking people to the learning place. Learners become the broker of knowledge as well as the broker of power by the training of "Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone, Anymedia, Anyway". Learners can access to the latest information and skills more quickly according to their needs, achieving comprehensive development and promoting personal values.

The training effectively promotes the performance improvement. The technical advantages of the fixed process, recoursement, traceability and interactivity of e-learning allow it to bring about a benign and effective interactive collaboration among the evaluation before training, the training, the transformation of behavior after training and the highly committed management practice.

It greatly enhances the overall training effectiveness of the organization, saves the training costs, improves the training efficiency. Because the training content of e-learning can be unified planning with extensive coverage, every learner in the organization can get the corresponding training, which can greatly improve the overall training effectiveness of the organization.

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