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The Significant Misunderstandings And Solutions Of Mobile Learning


Mobile learning is undoubtedly a trend. The change that mobile learning has brought about towards the enterprise training speaks for itself. Enterprises will inevitably encounter misunderstandings and problems on the way of promoting mobile learning. Only when they deal with these problems, can they make mobile learning more effective. Cloud mobile learning is one of the popular learning styles today.
Nowadays, many domestic enterprises have the following misunderstandings for the application of mobile learning platform:

• The understanding of mobile learning stays on the surface.
The mobile learning of many enterprises simply stays on the elementary level like wechat course production, wechat group discussion, and online sharing, failing to effectively integrate the existing learning resources, learning projects and so on, neither truly understanding the value of mobile learning for enterprise training, which has some adverse effects to the projects.
• Blindly follow suit and formalism
Mobile learning has become the wind vane to keeping up with the trend that followed by many domestic enterprises. But many enterprises only move the course materials to the phone instead of adjusting its activities design, material matching and so on, resulting in mobile learning just stay in the formalism in the enterprise training.

For the above misunderstandings, mobile learning can only play its real role when the following solutions are mastered in enterprise training.
1.From lecturer to autonomous learning:
With the development of mobile learning, the content of learning will become more and more personalized. When similar technology applies to mobile learning, trainees of different backgrounds and different requirements will apply customized filtering to the content. And the talent training system will also face great opportunities and challenges when this personalization becomes more and more obvious.
2. From"learn first use later" to"learn right use right":
As we all know, mobile learning can break the limitation of time and space. For a long time, people's cognition of learning has been: learn first use later. Therefore, many designs of instructional theories tend to focus on memory and prevent forgetting. However, with the popularization and deepening of mobile learning, the gap between "learning" and "using" will become smaller, and it may even become "learn right use right, learn when use". This will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact on instructional design.
3. The boundaries of the input and output become increasingly blurred:
Enterprises pay more attention to the training of trainers. With the development of mobile technology, the boundary between the exporter and importer of "training" will become increasingly blurred. As everyone can become an Internet celebrity in the era of wechat and weibo, the field of training will certainly go into that way. The management mechanism, of which enterprises use mobile learning to train, also needs to deal with or even lead the trend.

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