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The Value Of Using Enterprise Learning Management Systems


Small and medium-sized enterprises, as an important force in the national economy, play an important role in creating GDP and solving job problems. Therefore, the level of e-learning of small and medium-sized enterprises reflects the status of e-learning.

enterprise learning management systems
The value of using the enterprise learning management systems is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

For the organization, it will promote the transformation of the learning organization and enhance the core competitiveness: learning more at a lower cost, learning faster, enhancing cohesion, improving employee loyalty, making learning a key business rather than one-off activities, higher productivity and efficiency, and building the foundation for the creation of a talent replication system and a learning organization.

For training managers, it will reduce the burden of training managers; it can provide the tracking management mechanism for training, expand the scope of the audience and to increase the learning opportunities and set up courses for different people and jobs; the training content can be adjusted dynamically according to the actual situation; It provides consistently high-quality training, and the effect can be quantified.

For employees, get "4A" level training, anyone, anytime anywhere and anything. Individualized learning achieves higher retention. In the work, we can get the latest information more quickly, arrange study independently in work and life, develop the individual comprehensively and enhance the value.

In a word, the essence of the application of the enterprise learning system is to ensure the survival of the enterprise, make the enterprise organization have the ability to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise organization. On the other hand, learning is to achieve the true integration of individuals and work, so that people live in the work of life significance. The creation of a learning organization is not the ultimate goal. It is important to lead a new concept of continuous innovation and continuous progress through various efforts towards the learning organization, thus making the organization changing, adapting and creating the future.

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