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Three Magic Codes Of Integration Of Mobile Learning & Enterprises' Original Training System


In recent years, more and more enterprises begin to use mobile learning to share professional knowledge because mobile learning has the incomparable superiority to the traditional network. But behind this gratifying phenomenon, there exist a situation that mobile learning platform cannot adjust to the enterprise. So, how to seamlessly integrate mobile learning platform into enterprise original system?

It does not mean to replace the original enterprise offline training system when the enterprise introduces mobile learning platform, learning management system e learning. However, online training is the complement of offline training. The following three points will make a perfect combination of mobile learning platform and the original training system.

1.Using incentive system to assist mobile learning platform

At the beginning of the implementation of mobile learning platform, enterprises pay more attention to the users' online rate. It is undeniable that users' online usage is the primary challenge of mobile learning platform operation. In order to better guide trainees to initiative learning, the enterprise can combine mobile learning and compensation incentive system. Enterprises have the intention of creating a "learning organization", coupling with appropriate incentives to create a learning ecology. In this way, the people of similar level can discuss together, which is more conducive to everyone's growth and spontaneous learning.

2.Combining the understanding of trainees' needs with the characteristics of enterprise

Curriculum learning is the original intention of the majority of enterprises to build mobile learning platform, which aims to integrate mobile learning smoothly and easily into the enterprise training system. Curriculum content must be set from the perspective of staffs, meeting the learning needs of employees and the characteristics of the enterprise at the same time. Enterprise's expectation on employees' growth can be reflected in the courses like learning of workability, the construction of corporate culture and so on. And the learning needs of staff are mostly to solve the difficulties encountered in the work by curriculum learning. The mobile learning can only fulfill its value when the enterprise can integrate mobile learning into the enterprise's organization system in the right way.

3.Mastering the thinking of mobile learning platform operation
For enterprise mobile learning operators, the running of mobile learning platform is not only based on the content that unilaterally collected and released by the platform administrators, but also to encourage user-generated content of more learners with the principle of openness, sharing, and win-win situation, arousing the sense of participation of all learners. In a word, the key point of the mobile learning platform is: the organizer provides support and services to the learner.

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