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Tips To Make Lms Mobile Learning Effective (2)


Provide supporting materials
Create a quick reference guide for each stage of the course. After registering, students can quickly learn about the course information through the guide, or they can print the required materials on the network.
Create“Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" and teach students how to retrieve the answers they need online.
Create online help and troubleshooting manuals.
In the synchronous teaching course, the course slides are sent to the students before each class, which will make the discussion more focused and allow the students to prepare and take notes.

lms mobile learning

Prepare the manager
Before the official start of the course, arrange a mobilization meeting for the student managers to showcase the relevant course design and techniques used, to clarify the system requirements and time requirements, and the help the students need.
Identify the role of the manager in the training, such as assisting the student in advance, giving support during the training, and tracking follow-up after the event. Establish consensus among trainees and managers.
Let managers understand the benefits of lms mobile learning, such as saving transportation costs and time, improving efficiency, and better meeting individual needs.
Emphasize that the cultural atmosphere of online learning must be established, otherwise the advantages of lms mobile learning will not be implemented.

Prepare the students
Pre-display e-Learning content and technology in corporate meetings or traditional classroom teaching.
Constantly instilling the benefits of online learning into the students, emphasizing the flexibility, personalization and saving time and money of online learning. Continue to advocate e-Learning in the company's internal magazine or announcement email.
Ensure that students have the software, hardware and multimedia equipment they need to learn online and provide timely support to help them learn.
After the previous lms mobile learning course, follow-up surveys are conducted in a timely manner to understand the learner's learning experience and how to further improve the course.

Provide support during training
After the student has registered, send a confirmation email with detailed course schedules, timetables, and technical details that all students need to know immediately.
Assist students in transforming their desks into a learning environment. For example, post the“do not disturb" sign on the student's office or dormitory door.
Provide a phone number and email address for the course contact to let the learner know who to look for when there are related questions or suggestions.
If possible, assign a mentor to follow up on the implementation of the learning and personally guide the students on how to apply the skills they have learned at work.

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