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At present, the new model of enterprise training --- e-learning is widely used in the United States, and 92% of the large enterprises (more than 500 people) are using e-learning. 40% of the enterprises regard it as the main training mode.

In China, some people began to study the enterprise application of e-learning in 1999. In 2002, some super large enterprises, such as telecommunication and finance began to introduce e-learning mode. In view of the different development stages and demand of Chinese and foreign enterprises, e-learning based on introducing foreign systems has not been widely promoted and effectively used in China. At the same time, with the development of Chinese software enterprises, many professional software companies have developed many enterprise training management systems. Although it is called "e-training or e-learning", enterprises can not truly feel the real advantages of e-learning because of the lack of professional design and learning content. Generally speaking, e-learning is recognized by many Chinese enterprises, but the market lacks effective supply. In this case, with the increasing demand of enterprises, the rich learning resources and the popularization of broadband, the online learning of Chinese enterprises will have a breakthrough in the next 1-2 years.

LMS is what we usually call the learning management platform. According to the difference between developers and users, it can be divided into different platforms, such as aim at learning/training institutions or enterprise, the domestic independent development and the foreign platform of the Sinicization.

The platform for learning/training institutions emphasis on software development because the functional requirements are relatively simple. Through the development of these years, both the independent development platform and the Sinicization platform can basically meet the requirements and have a homogenization trend. The domestic platform has an obvious price advantage compares with the Sinicization platform, so the market share is almost 70%.

The e-learning platform for enterprises is also divided into Chinese and domestic ones, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. The former has obvious advantages in related standards, reports, video interaction, and curriculum production. However, customization and further development are not allowed, and localization is low. Its logical process and functional framework system cannot fully cover the training needs of Chinese enterprises. The advantage of the latter is that it can customize the development according to the management requirements and operating modes of the enterprise. But it lacks standardization, especially lacking professional knowledge of enterprise learning. The customized system is basically electronic to the enterprise training process and lack of management innovation.

Because of the high cost of development and the lack of curriculum resources, it is now basically to sell the platform directly to customers. Customers organize curriculum resources or buy courses themselves. So the initial investment of the enterprise is very large, it needs hundreds of thousands, millions, or even tens of millions. This is also one of the main factors that affect the use of e-learning by Chinese enterprises. In recent years, a small number of ASP services have also appeared. This will be the development trend of e-learning services. We will try to To build the best corporate LMS.

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