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Trend of E Learning Mobile


For what is "e learning mobile", many experts and scholars at home and abroad have given different definitions. Senlin Lv defines mobile learning as "learning behavior based on handheld devices with wireless communication capabilities (mainly mobile phones and tablets). He believes that the current mobile Internet technology is mature, e learning mobile is about to usher in rapid development, as follows:

e learning mobile

1. Mobile device operation experience is close to PC

In recent years, with the rapid spread of smartphones and tablets, the performance of mobile phone processors is also rising, and the computing speed is greatly improved. At present, the running frequency of mainstream devices has reached 1.5GHz and above. With more than 1GB of running memory, the multimedia learning software on the mobile phone can run smoothly.

2. Popularization of large-size and high-resolution mobile devices

Early black-and-white and color-screen mobile phones were difficult to meet the needs of mobile learning in terms of display size and display effect, so the previous mobile learning development was slower. However, color LCDs have been widely used in mainstream mobile phone screens, and some mobile phones have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which is sufficient for mobile learning. And now the price problem that restricts the popularity of large-size and high-resolution mobile devices is no longer existing, and smartphones of the 1500-2500 yuan class have been popularized.

3. The formation of the market structure of smartphone operating systems

At present, the market structure of smartphone operating systems has been basically stable: Google's Android operating system has the largest market, with about 80% of installed capacity in the world, while Apple's iOS operating system has almost the rest of the market. Microsoft's Win8 system has a low market share. With these open smartphone operating systems, users can install and use third-party applications as needed. These operating systems provide convenient conditions for the development of mobile phone software, providing the possibility for professional mobile learning software providers to emerge.

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