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Trend of Mobile Learning Management System


 mobile learning management system

(1) Intelligentization

Unlike PC-based network learning, mobile device-based mobile learning has the characteristics of receiving and pushing information, making it possible to have intelligent and user-friendly features. For example, when a user's question is answered, in a traditional network environment, after the user closes the browser, it is difficult to get a response. But in the mobile learning environment, even if the user quits the learning software, the text message of the answer can be received, so that the interactive characteristics of the learning are fully manifested. The long standby time of mobile devices is unmatched by PCs, so if this feature is fully utilized in the product, the superior characteristics of mobile learning will be brought into play.

(2)  Miniaturization
“Miniaturization” is one of the essential features of the mobile learning management system. Since 2013, the upsurge of developing micro-curriculum has been set up in China. Whether it is higher education, primary and secondary education, or corporate training, the arrival of the micro-era has been recognized, and the course format is more lively and short.

(3) Create New Learning Mode
A new learning mode is emerging. For example, in the past few years, people thought that "mobile terminals can only be used as a supplement to PCs." Now people are talking about "when mobile terminals can replace PCs." A large number of applications can now be completed on mobile terminals, such as browsing the web, shopping, learning, etc. At the same time, mobile terminals also have the advantages that PCs can't match, such as location-based services, sensors, and the like.

For example, using the "book + mobile terminal" mode will be a natural choice for more and more learners. Even in traditional Internet education, books account for a very large proportion. Therefore, when you carry out mobile learning, you should fully consider this feature, and give users a more humane and considerate learning experience. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, enhancing the user's learning experience and improving the learning effect are the only rules that must be followed in all forms of learning innovation.

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