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True Meaning of E-learning


With the rapid development of the Internet, E-learning occupies an important position in enterprise management training by virtue of its advantages such as strong ability to integrate resources, wide audience, low cost and so on. E-learning is the abbreviation of Electronic learning, that is, "online learning". At present, the online learning management software on the market are various and diverse, some have a full range of functions, some have high prices, others have customization systems. But for most of the HR managers, online learning is quite difficult to be applied in the enterprise practice.

Xueli Bank believes that in order to let online training have its effect, we should learn the meaning of E-learning further and apply it in a deeper way.

E-learning, first of all, it should be exploration learning, giving students the opportunity to explore freely. In the Internet age, students are more willing to learn contents that is beneficial to their self-promotion or contents that can arouse their interests. In the online learning platform, students can arrange their own learning plans, submit the plans to the enterprise, and let the enterprises pay for the courses, which will make the students more interested in learning.

E-learning, secondly, it should be engagement learning and excitement learning, namely, input-type learning and participation stimulating learning. In the online learning platform, students can experience the quick-learning operation, through the "Career Guide" module, students can have a clear understanding of their career development goals, in the "Course" module, students can study while getting some entertainment. Besides, students can even get grants and scholarships through learning. There are a variety of ways that can stimulate the students’ learning motivation, letting them be spontaneous and voluntary to participate in learning, enhance themselves, reserve Xueli accounts, and accumulate employment capitals.

E-learning, finally, it should be effective learning, the purpose of learning is to enhance employees’ capabilities and efficiency, and ultimately improve the corporate performance. On the integrated training management platform, students can interact with others online through the platform in both online and offline courses. Students can sign on line, take notes, ask the lecturers some questions, discuss and communicate with other students, comment and evaluate the teachers, and gain more knowledge in the highly socialized learning platform.

With the advent of Internet era and cloud era, online learning will also become the trend of future education development. But we can not only stay in the primary application level of e-learning software training, we should explore the deep connotation of e-learning, and apply the Internet platform in the online learning vendors.

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