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Two Mistakes About Mobile Learning Platform


What is mobile learning (M-learning) platform?

Dr Alexzander Dye defined it: "mobile learning is a kind of learning mode which can be processed anytime and anywhere by mobile computing devices. The mobile computing devices must effectively present learning content and provide a two-way communication between teachers and learners".

Mobile learning is a kind of informal learning mode relying on wireless communication and streaming media technology, combining fine talent management theory, displaying effectively the targeted learning content, providing the communication between the different roles.

There are two "mistakes" that enterprise trainers should break away from in the mobile learning platform.

Mistake 1: mobile learning is "moving" learning

Holders of this view believe that mobile learning platform is an individual learning activity that can be carried out in a free mobile environment. This view actually is a variation of E-Learning offline learning mode (the foreign famous learning and talent management solution provider – Sumtotal - developed E-Learning offline learning component long time ago, through which students can learn the content downloaded in the laptop anytime and anywhere, can be connected to the network environment with E-Learning platform for data synchronization to complete learning record). E-Learning can also realize this mobile feature, so "mobile" is not the biggest advantage of mobile learning.

From D-Learning to E-Learning to M-Learning, the greatest beyond points of mobile learning is not about the region random while it lies in the consciousness random. That is to say, the M-Learning should be proceed beyond personal plans, and it is a kind of learning behavior due to environmental changes or thinking activity inspires, only such behavior may produce high efficiency.

Mistake 2: Mobile learning is browsing the learning content at anytime and anywhere by wireless terminals

This view seems to be very close to M-Learning, and its fatal problem lies in the passivity about learning content: just as the advantage of analyzing M-learning lies in learners' consciousness freedom. In fact, the occurrence of learning behavior (especially in the informal environment) is mostly from bottom to up and from inside to outside. This behavior requires more human-computer interaction behavior and provides learners with larger interaction space, rather than just launched learning content by training organizers.

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