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What Do You Know About The Trainees If You Want To Improve The Mobile Learning Operations?


The trainees should be classified and analyzed in order to understand their characteristics. Even if the trainees are gathered in a company to work, each of them performs their roles with different learning habits. So which aspects should we learn from trainees?

Understand the characteristics of the trainees

The characteristics of the trainees include: age, identity, gender, the nature of the job, the industry, hobbies, habits and so on need to be understood in enterprise internal training and mobile learning. Only when we find out these characteristics of trainees, can we suit mobile learning operations to the situation.

1. The age and gender of the trainees

Young people prefer lively and interesting content that conforms to the current hot spots. Distinctive headlines tend to entice them to click into the content of mobile learning. However, older people are more willing to accept decent and serious content. More learning content that is full of masculine can be pushed to inspire the same feeling if the company is more common in males; for female trainees,  more content of clothing, jewelry and so on can be pushed to mobilize their feelings with a more intimate interactive form.

2. The status of trainees

We hereby simply divide the trainees' identities into new employees and business managers. For new employees, they are more willing to blend into the new team as soon as possible through mobile learning. But more business profiles and cultural content need to be pushed if they want to know about the company and be familiar with the position. The online interaction can also be richer and more high-frequency. If the mobile learning project is aim at the middle and senior managers of the enterprise, the pushed content should meet the requirements of others, and the time they may be available to study should be taken into consideration.

3. The preferences and habits of the trainees

Knowing about something like the daily work of business trainees, whether they often work overtime, whether they like online interaction, whether they like to share, what they prefer, what kind of self-improvement they need, what are their hobbies in spare time and so on, can help mobile learning operators to make better decisions.

4. The profession and nature of the trainees

Different industries and working natures lead to different thinking, behavior and preference of people, which has a great influence on mobile learning operation. It is not too difficult to conduct the mobile learning among the trainees who work in the Internet and have been very familiar with the online. For the trainees who are the first line workers of the logistics industry or manufacturing, mobile phones are just entertainment tools, lacking enthusiasm to engage in mobile learning consciously.

In fact, mobile learning operation is to get along with people. If you want to get along well with others, you need to know about others' basic information, hobbies and interests. When mobile learning operation can understand trainees, it is possible to be user-centered and enhance the training effectiveness of enterprise by the Internet for improving the talent development. Bebox learning system is one of the top lms systems for business.

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