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What is Elearning Mobile Learning?

It is widely accepted that "Elearning Mobile Learning" is a kind of learning that can take place at anytime and anywhere with the help of mobile computing devices. The mobile computing devices used in mobile learning must be able to effectively present the learning content and to provide two-way communication between teachers and learners ".

Since Dr. Kicken proposed the idea of elearning mobile learning in 2000, mobile learning has been making new achievements from theory to software platform, from software platform to application practice. In theory, in addition to Dr. Kicken's "elearning mobile learning" concept with access terminals and access environments at its core, there are Austrian scholar Lindner's "micro-learning concept" with content at its core, and American trainer Judy Brown's "M-Support" with business orientation at its core. At last year's summit, we focused on the nature of training: training improves performance by guiding behavioral changes. After more than 10 years of development, mobile learning has returned to the essence of learning: supporting the business of enterprises, improving the performance of the elites. This indicates that from the theoretical point of view, mobile learning has become a mature system.

Based on the above fact, since mobile learning is a product of the development of distance education to the mobile Internet era, we might as well interpret mobile learning from the perspective of Elearning, that is to say, mobile learning is actually fragmented ELearning. How to understand this fragmentation, I think there are three dimensions: 1) fragmentation of access mode: mobile phone/Machine/PAD/computer and other types of terminals; 2) fragmentation of time and place: any time at any places like subway, airport, Cafe, etc.; 3) fragmentation of content: training points, product vernacular, classic case, toolbox,etc.

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