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What is LMS(learning management system)

People who work in Internet enterprises somewhat like using abbreviations such as SaaS, cloud, ERP, LMS, etc., which sound very professional. What is the meaning of "LMS" that people constantly put forward in business meetings? What is the definition and significance of learning management system?

In this article, we will explain the meaning of LMS.

Definition of LMS

What is the definition of LMS software? LMS stands for learning management system.

Interpretation of LMS

Learning: You provide online courses and training materials for employees in your courses or training.
Management: You can organize and manage online courses, your employees, their exam results, and the effectiveness of your courses.
System: System is just another fancy word for software, which makes it sound more high-end.

Who uses LMS?

Who usually uses LMS? Every organization should pays its attention to learning and development to survive from the competitive market. If you work in a small company, or if you are in charge of learning in a large organization, everyone will benefit from LMS. An LMS helps you organize your studies, distribute your courses to your colleagues, and reduce the time required to create courses.

For schools, the effectiveness of using a system to track the learning of employees is obvious. But many schools still obtain the learning materials the employees have to learn from books. Why not  let your children study with your computer, pad or cell phone? Let children study with their own equipment instead of paper books. That's the real meaning of LMS.

Typical characteristics of LMS

In my view, the significance of LMS is to create good-quality courses and track the learning progress of your employees. But this is only the foundation. It has more advanced functions, such as outputting your results, inviting users, distributing certificates, and integrating with the third parties, all of which make your life much easier.

The future of LMS

I believe you now understand the meaning of LMS stands, next, let's talk about the future of LMS. The LMS industry is very young, new LMS suppliers are entering the market with new and innovative ideas. I firmly believe that LMS is ought to create an attractive learning atmosphere. In the future, there will be more and more functions being added into LMS so as to improve the learning ability of the employees. There is a lot of research on the best ways to learn, but only a few LMS infuse their knowledge into their products. Our goal is to start using and testing the knowledge in the near future.

More about our Bebox

Our LMS cloud solutions are covers the areas of competency assessment, course authoring, enrollment and approval, course delivery, classroom facility booking, online assessments, progress tracking, course evaluation, Examinations, social learning, and reporting etc.

With rich functionality of Bebox Mobile Learning Platform, configurable design, scalable architecture and flexible deployment option of this enterprise e-learning system make the platform of choice for corporations, SMEs and educational institutes to manage the learning process.

It provides a cost-effective solution for enterprises with multiple locations and complex organizational structure. It conforms to major international e-learning standards (such as AICC, SCORM) to ensure seamless interoperability and enterprise applications, such as ERP and HRMS.

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