Uplearn Group sdn.Bhd

What is the Public Cloud Bebox License Services Included?

- LMS subscription service is in annual basis
- It is provided in a shared cloud resource environment in HK
- System is provided in 'as is' basis
- Access to LMS function through internet and Mobile Native Apps
- Provide user role including learner and training administrator.
- Support IE10/11, Chrome, Firefox PC and Safari browser usage
- Provide maintenance and support service
- Provide production environment
- No UAT environment will be provided
- Provide 100GB storage for hosting learning materials
- additional annual charges will be incurred for every additional 100GB storage
- Provide cloud service uptime for 99.6% (except that normal & pre-planned maintenance downtime)
- (Normal Mode) Provide shared cloud service for around 10% concurrent users to access to AICC/SCORM courses, Videos & Exams
- (Concurrent Mode) Provide shared cloud service with no limit to access all features, but will limit access to platform based on no. of concurrent users subscriptions.
- (Concurrent Mode) > 200 users, allow to create unlimited user account, < = 200 will allow to create user account based on ratio 1: 10
- Cyberwisdom/Uplearn Group reserves the right to upgrade the system without seeking consent from clients

Please Contact Bebox for more details

  • TEL:+6012 3735500
  • EMAIL:contact@bebox.im
  • ADDRESS:Wisma Selangor Dredging, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia