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What kind of Support or Services are Available?

Besides Bebox LMS solution, we are also provided a one-stop solution to serve our customer better.

3 Types of Bebox Solution:
1. Public Cloud Bebox LMS
2. Private Cloud wizBank LMS
3. On-Premise wizBank LMS
Please refer to our Plan for more details

1. Presales Services
2. Project Implementation
3. Post sales support
4. e-learning consulting
5. Customization
6. Courseware Development
    a. custom content
    b. off-the-shell courseware
    c. gamification courses
Please contact us for more details about Bebox lms learning management system 

  • TEL:+6012 3735500
  • EMAIL:contact@bebox.im
  • ADDRESS:Wisma Selangor Dredging, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia