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What Kinds of Enterprises Suitable for Establishing Mobile Learning Platform


From mobile finance, mobile medicine to mobile learning, the combination of mobile Internet and life is bringing about a new round of economic change, the prospects are very promising. With the deep integration of mobile Internet and education training industry, mobile learning is receiving the attention of more and more people. BAT is investing and arranging, and many big enterprises are also trying to build their own mobile learning platforms.

Enterprises should not blindly follow the trend of mobile learning, they must determine based on their own actual needs and the specific application scenario. Generally speaking, the following 3 categories of enterprises are most suitable for the introduction of mobile learning platform:

1. High tech Enterprises
High-tech enterprises have high organizational elimination. On the one hand, it is because high-tech enterprises are in the forefront of the times, they lead idea innovation and science&technology advancement, contact a lot of new things and new technologies, and have the demand for updating the knowledge structure at any time. On the other hand, their employees are younger and have the ability to accept new things. For example, Internet enterprises like Baidu and Tencent and high-tech enterprises like HP and IBM can create mobile learning platforms to make higher corporate benefits.

2. Large chain enterprises
This kind of enterprise has many chain stores or branches all over the world, the mobility of their staff is high, and there are a large number of part-time workers and temporary staff in these enterprises. As the location of the staff is dispersed and their cultural quality is different, carrying out unified training is quite difficult. Large chain enterprises such as large chain drugstores, chain hotels, catering chains, clothing chain enterprises, etc. are more suitable for building mobile learning platforms to carry out fragmented mobile training at any time.

3. Large group enterprise
Large group enterprises have a wide range of geographical distribution and a large number of workers, so the business training scale is very large. The groups need to carry out training in different cities, which is time and energy consuming and the effect often is not very good. This kind of large group enterprise such as energy, electricity, banking, communication and other large state-owned enterprises can create a mobile learning platform to save a lot of costs and time of training, and improve the efficiency of the staff training.

If your enterprise is suitable for building a mobile learning platform, there is a problem that you must pay attention to, that is, mobile learning is not a reversion of the traditional e-learning, do not copy the contents of e-learning. No matter it is a platform or content, redesigning mobile learning according to the characteristics of mobile devices is the best choice. As mobile phones have the characteristics of portability and fast availability, when people have an information need, their first reaction is to take out the mobile phone and search the information immediately - this is called "MobileFirst". Therefore, the mobile learning platform should be designed according to the needs, the best modes of presentation are videos, simple graphics, fragmentation, etc.

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