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What'S The Difference Between E-Learning And Traditional Training


There are usually four levels of training quality assessment: student response, learning outcomes, job performance, and performance change.

Because of the heavy workload of traditional training management, and the third, fourth level assessment time span is large, most enterprises can only achieve second levels of assessment, many times only first levels of evaluation. Because the first level assessment is timely, influenced by subjective factors and is easily affected by environmental factors, it often drives teachers or training units to incite the end to influence or due to their face. Such assessment results are often untrue and deviate from the original intention of learning.

Online learning, as a solution, makes full use of network technology and electronic technology. We can easily track the whole process of learning and set up an evaluation method, which can easily be evaluated at third levels. As for the fourth level assessment, the difficulty is how to measure the performance change. Once the measurement method is confirmed, it is very easy to manage in technology. Nowadays, non-systematic records are often used to show performance changes. Times Guanghua ELN enterprise is E-learning, through the six step learning method, thinking questions, testing and note management, etc. And it monitors the learning effect in the whole process.

In addition, E-learning personalized learning enables employees to engage in targeted learning, on-demand learning and improve their interest in learning. In addition, repeated learning can deepen the learning effect. The following diagram is a learning forgetting curve. If we do not repeat learning, we will almost forget about 90% of our learning content a week later. In this sense, the advantage of E-learning that can be repeated is that it can not be replaced by classroom face-to-face teaching. The online learning vendors also meet great challenge.

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