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Who is the Core Character of Mobile Learning?


In the field of enterprise training, mobile learning is not fresh news any more. However, the key to make good use of this weapon is how to run the mobile learning project well.

What core roles are needed in running a mobile learning platform? Is it necessary to set up a team specially?

The answer to whether it is necessary to set up a team for mobile learning operations is no. The cost of setting up a special team is a bit high. If the scale of the company is small, it will be difficult to afford it. The work of mobile learning operation is divided into two parts: maintenance and operation. The personnel allocation of the operation team is also carried out according to these two chunks. The work of platform operation and maintenance refers to the basic work of the normal operation and optimization of the platform. It is necessary for the platform operation and maintenance personnel to improve on the side of the platform when the students are use the platform. The previous training teams in the line usually did not have this experience.

The operation is mainly divided into two parts: operation management and content planning. In order to ensure that all the things needed for mobile learning can come to the ground from one idea to an online course or an operation, the enterprise should guarantee the following core roles:

Project Leader: The head of mobile learning project is the core role of the whole project organization. He is responsible for the learning management system implementation project plan and should be clear about the strategy and purpose of the mobile learning project. It is he who should be responsible to control the direction of the whole mobile learning project from the top-level design and give the operation team directional guidance.

Operation and Promotion Manager: The work for the operation and promotion manager is to output the operation and promotion strategy and plan, make the operation management system and mechanism, plan the operation promotion activities, carry out the specific operation promotion work, carry out the data analysis, and apply the analysis results to the operation of the whole mobile learning project according to the goals and targets the project leader wants to achieve.

Course Consultant: The course consultant mainly sorts of the course system and optimizes its course content. He controls the applicability and rationality of the course to the training needs from the whole so as to avoid the deviation of the course content.

Instructional Designer: That is, the script designer. He carries out the script design for the content, displays which scenes are controlled and what pictures are used, and combines what narration and words are needed according to the information provided by the customers.

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