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Use a Fraction of cost to standardize your law-enforced training. Bebox Mobile Learning provided all the tools you may needs, to arrange an effective compliance training for your organization via our E-Learning Platform.
It is inevitable that every enterprise must obey the regulations set by the state or the enterprise law. Don’t do so may lead to high fines or other penalties, and if the circumstance is serious, the enterprises may even be deprived of business permission. If you are a regulated enterprise, you will need to provide "compliance with the regulation" training. The training method are a. outsourcing to training companies, b) traditional training courses and C) enterprise training platforms.

Our platform has diversified functions and the courses all conform to the standards and procedures of enterprise training, the courses can also be customized according to the needs of enterprises. In addition to helping enterprises to “compliance with the regulations”, our platform can also fully monitor the training of your own enterprises and help you save the cost and resources required by outsourcing or traditional training.

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