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As a Learning Management System(LMS), discover Bebox Mobile Learning how to provide the most efficient training approaches to train new employees. Share the mission & vision, objective and the standard of procedure of your organization with your new employees.
Enterprises can share and convey the company's goals, values, enterprise rules, regulations and staff rules to new recruits through this platform.

Learning the induction experience of the new recruits entry through our platform. During the short period of time when the new recruits have joined the new enterprise, even on the first day of the job, they would encounter "reality shock", that is, the differences between new employees' expectations of new enterprises and new jobs and the actual situation of the new enterprises and the new jobs. If the new employees have the feeling of being ignored, not being taken seriously, or being deceived or have disappointing “reality shock” on the working environment and interpersonal relationship during this period of time, the result is that the new recruits will doubt about their choices and begin to shake the decision and confidence of the company. Therefore, in the process of new recruit induction management, we need to actively focus on the new recruits’ induction experience and guide them in involving in the team, organization and enterprise.

In addition, providing training for new recruits through the platform can teach the staff knowledge as well as help them to quickly familiarize with the new environment, such as corporate culture, organization structure, rules and regulations, and so on. Describing clearly the company's vision and mission can strengthen the confidence of new recruits in enterprises, and stimulate their determination to follow the enterprises.

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