Uplearn Group sdn.Bhd

Lifelong Training

Encourage your employees to keep improve themselves with the latest Knowledge, Techniques and expertise within your organization. Discover How lifelong training with Bebox Mobile Learning Solution can benefit to your organization and employees.
Our philosophy is that enterprises can provide a sustainable learning, communication and interanimation platform for employees through our platform and make employees voluntarily pursue the knowledge and professional ability they need.

Our platform provides various functions to ensure unimpeded training for trainees:

1. Simple and easy-to-use platform helps trainees learn easily.

2. Powerful functions can allow you to create and arrange courses of all majors, training processes and so on.

3. According to the needs and characteristics of enterprises, you are allowed to create abundant training courses by yourselves through our platform.

4. A platform with varieties of training modes, students can arrange their own study according to their time.

Through our platform, the students' knowledge, quality and ability can be improved continuously, and the possibility of lifelong learning can be achieved with diverse ways of learning that are not limited by fixed time.

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