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Pre- Employment

Train the Potential Candidates with Courses that offering experience & knowledge which are related to their job position. Fully utilize the courses & examinations from Bebox Mobile Learning Solution to mirror your specific work environment in order to effectively locate the right candidates.
Pre-employment is training before the "induction", which can be abbreviated as TBC (Training Before Career). The main objects of the TBC are the this year's graduates who just have their first jobs, the primary white-collar workers who have 3-year working experience, and the employees who are going to contacting the strange industries, companies and posts. The aim of the TBC is to let them receive more comprehensive professional ethics and vocational skills training and become knowledgeable and skilled laborers who are suited to the needs of the labor market.

The enterprise can make good use of the functions of our platform, customize training that focuses on the practical operation learning and daily office gist learning before the induction. The course involves administration, job etiquette, accounting knowledge, tax knowledge, accounting practice, office equipment and the use of related office software and so on. These courses can help build a comprehensive civil service and finance worker with comprehensive knowledge confidence and reliability. The purpose of the training is to help the employees handle the work easily.

Enterprises can understand the applicant's knowledge and ability through training and assessment before the induction. Then the enterprises should make differentiated training for each post to create candidates who are in line with the post standards.

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