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Safeguard your valuable training data

Bebox Mobile Learning stays fully protected when you focus on your training. Bebox Mobile Learning offers a wealth of security filters and administrative tools. Advanced data encryption extensive access control, authentication and much more will keep your portal safe at all times.
We think highly of protecting your personal privacy data. We hope you will feel reassured when you visit our website or app. As protecting your privacy is vital for us, we will obey the mandatory regulations on data protection. Our employees are also obliged to ensure that all information is kept secret. The company will provide them with regular training in data protection and data safety.

Personal data refers to information that can clearly show your identity, which includes name, postal code, e-mail address, etc. We keep such personal data only when you offer it voluntarily, the data can be used as a part of the registration, or used for a survey, a lottery, a contact survey, a press release or an online order processing, etc. In addition, personal data is only used when necessary, and is only used for legal purposes only if you permit. To ensure the security of your data transmission, we will use encryption in some security areas. That is to say, the third party is unable to read the communication between your browser and our website.

When you focus on training, the data of your mobile learning on our website and app will be fully protected. We have abundant security filters and management tools, advanced data encryption, extensive access control and authentication, which will keep your account safe at any time.

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