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Advantages and Disadvantages of LMS Blended Learning

Advantages of LMS Blended Learning

1.Larger group
Through blended learning, the participants can learn in a large team. They will first be given a guidance and then go to work. In the meantime, more guidance will be provided for students who need more information.

Participants can work at their own pace while receiving face-to-face education at the same time. If you learn things faster than others, learn more without waiting for others. Conversely, if you are slow, then just take your time. As for people who work while learning, it is difficult for them to manage their time. However, blended learning can help them decide when to learn.

Blended learning requires less space and fewer teachers, which means fewer costs.

It has been proven that blended learning is suitable for students from primary school to college and advanced courses.

Disadvantages ofof LMS Blended Learning

1.Weakening motivation
LMS Blended learning may weaken the learning motivation of the participants. Not every blended learning model is suitable for people of all ages. For example, when children start reading, you will give them books with lots of images and small amounts of text. After a few years, you will give them a book with more texts and fewer images. And you will be upset if you want young children to finish all their homework and prepare lessons on the home computer.

2.Lack of basic technical knowledge
People who participate in blended learning are required for basic knowledge of technology. Beside, as participants are going to contact new system and new knowledge, it may lead to cognitive overload, doing harm to their health.

3.Plagiarism and credibility
As there are ready answers in the Internet, children and other participants may just write others’ answers down on their paper without thinking, which is harmful to their learning and may lead to the issues of plagiarism and credibility.

Blended learning VS traditional classroom
"Open the book and read the first chapter." You must hear this sentence many times. Now, this sentence can be replaced by another sentence, that is, "click on the link and follow the instructions on the laptop." What the first case represents is the classical learning method, and the second case represents the modern learning method. Blended learning is a mixture of classical and modern learning methods. You will find only fewer and fewer things from the traditional classroom as new technology is taking its place. Scientifically speaking, a lot of related researches have proved that blended learning has better effectiveness than the traditional classroom.

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