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Advantages of Mobile Learning Platform

Mobile learning is a kind of learning that can happen at any time and anywhere with the help of mobile learning supplier, that is mobile computing devices. Mobile computing devices used in mobile learning platform must be able to effectively present learning content and provide two-way communication between teachers and learners. It is a learning method that crosses geographical restrictions and makes full use of portability technology. In other words, mobile learning eliminates the geographical restrictions on the mobility of general portable devices. Mobile learning has different meanings in different social groups. Although it is related to online learning and distance education, its obvious difference lies in comprehensive learning and handheld learning.

The characteristics of mobile learning determine its unique advantages over traditional education, which mainly reflected on the following aspects:

1. We can learn anytime, anywhere. Learners can learn anything anywhere, at any time, in any way. This unique advantage is beyond the reach of other learning methods. It greatly meets the "total online" learning needs. This also establishes the important position of mobile learning in future learning.

2. We can make full use of trivial time to learn. Mobile learning, with its unique characteristics of fragmentary learning, provides learners with the convenience of learning knowledge, so that learners can make full use of the trivial time to master a relatively complete knowledge block, just as a pile of seemingly disorderly knowledge fragments, after a little bit of daily intake and accumulation, eventually we will forma completed knowledge mosaic.

3. Mobile learning Satisfies personalized learning needs. The interactivity of mobile learning can realize the timely two-way flow of information, helping to cultivate learners' communicative ability, stimulate learners' learning enthusiasm, develop learners' personality, and improve learners' academic performance and confidence.

4. It can eliminate psychological burden. From psychological point of view, for some introverted and shy personality learners, mobile learning can make up for some embarrassing scenes in the traditional classroom and face-to-face learning, which can eliminate the fear of communication, so as to achieve easy learning and communication, etc.

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