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Advantages of Mobile Learning----Compared With Traditional Training


Through the analysis of the evolution of the field of enterprise learning, it is found that there are still great limitations in the way and means of enterprise learning in the past. The way of enterprise training using mobile Internet and mobile terminals can largely fill the gap. Enterprise mobile learning has the following advantages:
1. The minimum hardware limit, the minimum cost
Although mobile learning seems to require a lot of hardware support, the popularity of smartphones among employees is already very high (there is no need for enterprise to provide). Mobile Internet signals have been covered by WiFi and 3G-4G, so there are only background servers need to be built. In addition, many companies already have powerful backstage servers, and many cloud servers can be rented. Mobile learning does not require hardware support. So in fact, mobile learning needs the lowest hardware constraints. From the financial point of view, mobile learning units, learning time, the cost of learning per person is also the lowest, it does not need a lot of hardware costs or the necessary human costs and travel costs for the courses.

2. Breaking through geographical restrictions
The enterprise mobile learning has a rapid coverage of a wide range of people. At present, the employees of large and medium-sized enterprises in China are distributed throughout the country and even around the world. They all have training needs, and the enterprises also want to improve their competence. However, relying on face-to-face training is not enough to reach most employees. If you rely on e-learning, you still need PC support, and in many places, employees don't have PCs. The emergence of mobile learning can solve this problem perfectly, enterprises can use mobile learning platform to quickly send learning content to a wide range of learners. Learners can directly use their own mobile phones and other intelligent devices to learn.

3. A simple entry----greatly reduce entry barriers The enterprise mobile learning can also inherit the advantages of smartphone applications, learners can directly enter the learning with just one click, all operations are simple and convenient. This breaks through the entry barriers that need to be centralized and E-learning needs to open the computer and log on. For users in the mobile Internet era, this will greatly improve the user experience and the learner satisfaction.

4. Establish direct and immediate links to break through classroom restrictions
Mobile Internet era is the era of direct contact between businesses and users. As a training work, it is also necessary to establish a direct link between enterprise training managers and learners. The original training managers can only establish effective contact with the learners in the training class. Once they leave the classroom, they cannot effectively communicate and interact with the learners. Mobile learning makes it possible to connect directly and instantly in the future. On mobile learning platform, people can communicate with each other through mobile terminals at any time. Training managers can communicate with learners directly to obtain learning needs and feedback, and enhance the influence and control of learners outside the classroom. At the same time, the relationship between learners and their classmates can also be extended, so that the classroom-learning atmosphere and communication interaction can influence the work in the least way.

5. The fragmented time can be used
For learners, the effect of learning can be seen from the time spent on learning, and the time spent on traditional face-to-face training is very limited. But in fact, in addition to a few days of face-to-face courses every year, employees still have plenty of time to devote to learning to improve their own abilities. The emergence of E-leaning makes people see hope. Learners can learn from outside the classroom. However, the application of E-learning requires that learners have the time and space to sit patiently in front of the computer and learn, often it takes a whole time. However, when learners have time and space, they are often reluctant to learn during the whole time, but are more inclined to participate in various entertainment activities, such as watching movies and television, friends gathering, playing games, shopping and so on. After a long period of observation, we find that the most acceptable time for learners to learn is actually the fragmented time, which cannot be used for other recreational activities, such as waiting for a bus, waiting for an elevator, going to the toilet, etc.. During which it is difficult for learners to do anything but be stunned, so this is the ideal time for learning. Mobile learning, with its unique advantages, is the only way to catch these fragmented time. If properly designed, students can learn useful content through mobile learning in two or three minutes of fragmented time and can even have meaningful social interaction.

6. Learning communication platform for virtual teams
The social function of enterprise mobile learning establishes a virtual team platform for learners from different places in the enterprise, which enables the virtual team to maintain collaboration and work in a controlled process, and to complete the learning task. This can also be matched with other learning methods that are difficult to control and need for extra-curricular efforts to do, such as action learning, performance improvement, etc.

These advantages of mobile learning, on the one hand, break through the limitations of traditional training methods; on the other hand, it can also meet the needs of enterprise learning and learners in the mobile Internet era. Now some enterprises have begun to try to develop and apply mobile learning, some of which have achieved phased success. A good example is the learning system of the guest community. It also accumulated practical experience for further development of mobile learning. From the perspective of the whole enterprise training and learning field, mobile learning is inevitable in future. It is the combination of mobile Internet technology and enterprise learning that will open a new door for the vast number of enterprises and learners in the future.

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