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  • Air China
    As the leading brand in China civil aviation industries, Air China is the only airline to fly with their country national flag. At the same time, they are also the official flying partner for 2008 Beijing Olympic Game and the member of Star Alliance, the world's largest global airline alliance
    Effect and Value :
    1. Averagely 50,000 users logon to their LMS per month.
    2. Allows Air China to incorporate Formal Learning, Social Learning and Mobile Learning into one single e-Learning platform to further speed up their training progress.
    3. By providing relevant training and the utilization of “Articulate Storyline” and “ISpring”, Air China can create their own e-Learning course material.
    4. Through implementing LMS with global coverage, learner can continue their learning process without the limitations of time and place.
    5. Improves employees’ efficiency, performance, level of professionalism and the overall capability by allowing them to learn and train at their own convenience.
  • Bestseller
    Bestseller from Denmark is one of the largest fashion group in Europe.They have expanded into China at 1996 with thousands of shops nationwide across 300 cities.There are 4 main brands brought in by Bestseller including ONLY, Jack & Jones, Vero Moda and Selected.
    Effect and Value :
    1. Through the integration of e-Learning and mobile learning approach, it helps to speed us the learning process for employees about their latest product.
    2. More than 90% of their frontline staff have registered and login to the LMS platform within the first 3 months of system rollout.
    3. It allows the training administrator to track the training effectiveness, feedback on the trainings and employee training progress nationwide.
    4. Frontline staffs are able to learn at their own convenience, get timely update on product knowledge and increase the overall service quality.
  • Apollo
    The Apollo group is a sino-foreign joint venture focus mainly on manufacture and distribute dietary supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
    Effect and Value :
    1. Allows nationwide distributors to login and retrieve the latest training materials from the LMS platform anytime anywhere. It also drastically increased the training coverage area as it is accessible 24/7.
    2. Points can be earned through social interaction within the platform and courses learning. Points earned will be used to determine the ranking in score leaderboard, which works as an encouragement to the learners.
    3. Administrator can have a live monitoring on all the learning progress and make appropriate arrangements whenever necessary.
    4. Supported various type of course contents such as video, slides, text, SCORM & AICC and more. This enables the company to implement e-Learning, centralized learning and project-type learning more effectively.
    5. Create the learning path based on each different position, this will ensure the effectiveness of training, acquiring the correct information and improve their sales & marketing skills.
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange
    Shenzen Stock Exchange also known as "SZSE" is one the three stock exchanges in China besides Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchange. It trades from main-board market, second-board market, GEM board market, Equity Securities, fund and many more. It is also the main platform for financial services reform and facilitate economic transition.
    Effect and Value :
    1. Assist frontline staff to master wealth management knowledge and relevant professional skills, increase their compliance awareness and profession capability.
    2. SZSE integrated the industry resources, provided training to over 7000 branches nationwide. This has bring a great impact and example to the industries in a positive manner.
    3. Precise and strict requirements on the platform’s functionality design, optimization on the UI layout and arrangement, all these have been fulfilled to meet the SZSE standards on customer support services.
    4. Allows the analysts to address the policies accurately and deliver messages to all investors rapidly, as an overall improvement to SZSE frontline services quality.


We needed a LMS for our staff so that they can participate in yearly exams and meet all the required compliances and Bebox is our choice of product. We would like to thank the team for their timely response and professional advices.

Bebox is a comprehensive eLearning platform which able to meet most of our requirements. System access can be done conveniently through internet browsers on the PC and mobile apps on the smartphone devices.

It is a reliable and powerful software that helps us to train our employee across the country. Bebox also allows our trainer to provide the latest learning materials to everyone through the platform. Our training procedures are now more complete and effective with Bebox LMS.

Currently our company has move from manual spreadsheet tracking to a systematic LMS. This system even allows us to take our exam in mobile devices. Their support is so helpful with all the data import and system training related matters. I can now focus on preparing training contents instead of administration works.

With the flexibility and rational cost of Bebox, we can have a comprehensive LMS implemented in individual branch with minimal cost. The same can be done in other branches at a later stage and data synchronization is not a problem.

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