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Cloudbase LMS- From Cultivating to Employing

Learning is a process, the result is the bond, and use is the goal. If education and training are to be upgraded to talent cultivation, a combination of learning and practice must be realized. For the selection of talents, the ability of employees is fundamental, but the ability is not easy to be judged, the evaluation has limitations, and certification is a more effective method. Rely on talent assessment and learning certification to help enterprises cultivate talents.

1. Become an enterprise certification center

On the basis of the classified and graded post training course system, design the learning path; pay attention to the overall learning effect, introduce learning certification, and test the learning results. The design of the certification should be combined with the employee's career development plan. The enterprise can carry out the capability-based learning certification around the management personnel leadership training, professional qualification certification, business personnel certification work ideas. And E-Learning provides certification management.

The implementation of certification requires a corresponding management system. Usually, the enterprise education and training department has the ability to independently initiate training certification. So they can try it first. The certification work focuses on the talent pool and is supplemented by job-adaptation training certification. Certification needs to be professional, rather go without than have something shoddy, and the launch of brand certification projects will help to expand the influence of certification.

2. Become an enterprise evaluation center

Talent assessment is a professional skill, and the education and training department has an innate advantage in the work of talent assessment. Talent assessment generally has a clear evaluation purpose and is applied to a specific target range. Generally, enterprise human resource management has a prominent demand for job evaluation and selection assessment. If the education and training department can provide talent assessment services, its influence will be significantly improved.

Combined with Cloudbase LMS, certification center and evaluation center can help enterprises cultivate talents.

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