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E Learning Online Learning Success Factors

Adding E Learning Online Learning to corporate training will improve the bottom line of the accounting and increase the retention rate of learning outcomes, which is very beneficial for both companies and learners. In order to ensure the effectiveness and long-term nature of the training investment, the learning and development team should pay attention to the following six points when starting the E Learning Online Learning project:

Business case: look at the company's training costs and return on investment.
Learning Culture: motivate learners and allow them to easily access learning resources.
Hybrid design: In the training, the formal learning, informal learning, and social learning methods are used in a balanced manner to meet the needs of enterprises.
Marketing: extensively disseminate the importance and availability of corporate training to employees and support learning projects.
Training Content Application Survey: track students to see if they can effectively apply training content at work.
Learning Assessment: Completing the training assessment can help the training department find where improvements are needed.

When the company first adopted the E Learning Online Learning training method, it was not like what people imagined. People really need to recommend e-learning to managers to support learners. When we no longer instill knowledge into the students, but they actively want to learn, we can be sure that our company's learning atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, and we are gradually becoming a learning organization.

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