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Elearning Mobile Learning: Fragmentation or Integration


Since elearning mobile learning has the characteristics of fragmentation, so should we design the operating system based on this characteristic? When we analyze from the perspective of fragmentation, we may face the following problems when designing the operation system:

1) Human factors. As far as the current market talent reserve is concerned, there is no elearning mobile learning operation personnel in that enterprise, and the existing training managers have been used to the existing training system structure, it is difficult to make revolutionary changes.

2) Cost factors. Starting with fragmentation, we have to consider content, terminal, access environment, learning intent and many other aspects, but also to consider tens of thousands of personalized users, hundreds of personalized roles; compared to traditional training operations, the workload will be exponential growth.

3) Output benefits. Based on fragmentation, elearning mobile learning is difficult to return to the training objectives of the enterprise, and then serve the strategic objectives of the enterprise, so the benefits of elearning mobile learning are difficult to assess.

However, we can easily reduce the above three risks by designing mobile learning operations in an integrated way.

1) Human factors. We can completely reduce the existing enterprise training and operation of the workload of the idea by introducing mobile learning, and gradually train operational personnel. For example, instead of making the enterprise annual training cream into the form of independent app applications, we can achieve the same effect with micro-courseware; instead of training class evaluation in paper form in the training class, we can easily use mobile phone research. We used to distribute the course guide and product voice in short message and MMS, now we only need to use the mobile learning course delivery mechanism, which not only can effectively distribute, but also can track the progress of the staff learning.

2) Cost factors. Based on the training objectives of enterprises, we can choose key tasks to achieve mobile learning, which will effectively reduce costs.

3) Benefit problems. Starting from the training objectives of enterprises and aiming at improving the performance of employees, elearning mobile learning can naturally be better solved.

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