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Enterprise Mobile Learning Helps Corporate Training

The generation after 90s and the generation after 00s have become the new force in the workplace. These new generations who have grown up with the Internet have already applied the Internet to all aspects of work, study and life. For this generation, online life has become a habit. In the network age, the methods for employees to acquire knowledge have completely changed. More and more enterprise managers and corporate trainers have noticed this change. Therefore, the strategies and methods of corporate training have been adjusted to turn the promotion into catering and guidance, which creates an Enterprise Mobile Learning Platform for employees in the enterprise. Enterprise Mobile Learning - the new way of learning came into being. That is, education, training, and learning activities are carried out through networks such as the Internet, satellite networks, and communication networks.

Once, the mismatched resource supply and demand, poor on-site effect, high cost, and unsustainable effect are the bottlenecks that the enterprise manager and the human resources department face. In addition, modern companies have the fast pace of work, poor synchronicity, and complex and diverse personnel structures, which have made it difficult for training organizations to meet the needs of all. The emergence of online learning management systems has successfully solved this series of problems.

The biggest change brought about by enterprise training informatization is that the knowledge the employees learn is no longer a book, nor a few reference books, but the integration of relevant expertise. With the support of the database, the knowledge system has been re-divided, the learning content has been reorganized, and learning and research methods have undergone new changes. Learning is more casual, independent, not subject to time and place, and the learning content is updated in a timely and continuous manner.

The lecture learning system consists of eight general-purpose modules, six professional post-skills courses, a total of more than 1,000 courses, and can provide matching services according to customer needs, from basic general positions to high-level skills exclusive positions, it can provide enterprise-specific customized services.

The trend of economic globalization is unstoppable, and competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. Today, as the pace of work is getting faster and faster, learning itself takes longer than individuals and businesses can spend. The time it takes to learn has exceeded the time that individuals and businesses can spend. As an important means to enhance core competitiveness, corporate training must constantly update teaching information technology to improve learning efficiency and reduce corporate costs.

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