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Enterprise Mobile Learning Operation

Enterprise mobile learning operation needs to know the most suitable way for itself.

Like on expressways, some cars have to take large cargo lanes, and some of them take small passenger lanes. Similarly, for the introduction of enterprise online learning, some need to be driven from top to bottom in a global manner, and some only need to operate flexibly in a project-based manner. When introducing online learning, enterprises can think about which way they should take from the perspective of where to apply and who to effect, so that they can more clearly define the positioning and operation strategy of online learning platform.

Overall type: Platform and operation planning are formulated from the dimension of talent development, and learning framework and content are designed based on the post competency model, usually initiated by the headquarters and to cover the whole staff.

Project type: It is most targeted at new employees, leadership, interviewers and other projects. The subsequent content production and operation are more based on the analysis of the learning or work situation of a specific project group.

Departmental type: The training is organized by the department and managed independently, usually by the departments such as sales department, technical department, finance department, etc.

Extensive type: used in the enterprise's upstream and downstream related institutions training, such as suppliers, agents or customers training.

Because of the difference in organizational type, each stage will have different applications in different fields. Below is a general promotion strategy that weighs online learning maturity models against application domains, all of them have different focuses.

The first stage: focus on the promotion of global and project-based applications; make full use of existing technology to promote online learning; try to apply online learning means in training projects;

The second stage: promote project-based and extension-based applications; the training departments constantly improve project-based applications, and precipitate the use of online learning methods, methods, skills, management systems; and vigorously promote the application of online learning in the upstream and downstream partners of the organization;

The third stage: Promoting department-based and global application; the role of training department in online learning application is gradually shifting from direct application to management support, vigorously promoting the application of online learning within each department; realize the learning management system based on ability promotion within the organization, and realize the global application of online learning;

The fourth stage: Focus on promoting the overall application; establish a learning management system with talent development as the core, achieve organizational goals, career development, performance and learning internal links among the system.

Before introducing or operating an online learning platform, an enterprises should first make clear which stage they are at, and which stage they are going to, and how they intends to go, and take this as an important basis for platform construction and operation planning. When the operation needs to be accelerated, and training managers are in line with the enterprise's long-term and short-term strategic planning of the online learning platform, regardless of which gear, the platform can provide the required functionality and data for operation, so the online learning can go further.

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