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With the development of the Internet, the construction and operation of mobile learning platform for enterprises is like the express train on the highway, running at a high speed. But in the long-distance online learning journey, whether the operation can be accelerated or stop-and-go, in addition to the subjective factors of drivers (training managers), the performance of the car (online learning platform) is also very important.

1. Know where you are and where to go.
Before the acceleration of Elearning mobile learning, enterprises should make clear the following two points: 1. The status quo of e-learning construction, short-term and long-term development goals, whether the existing or to be introduced platform can support; 2. How to apply online learning in different areas of the organization, which is also related to operational strategies.

To understand where they are, companies can refer to the online learning maturity model published in 2008 by the online education information network. Although this model has a long history of seven years, according to the long-term observation of many online learning programs by online learning operators, we believe that its interpretation of the nature of direct online learning is still not out of date.

Enterprises can match the current orientation of online learning projects in the maturity model by taking into account the objectives to be achieved by introducing online learning, the current status of technology, content, learning, management and other elements of the enterprise, and the strategic objectives of the enterprise. The determination of this positioning affects the decision-making of the construction and operation of the platform to a large extent. For example, content construction, the second stage of the online course library only includes a variety of classified online course resources, students can learn the course online, and the third stage of the learning resource library includes the test database, case database, video resource library, seminar and other learning resources, these resources can be used as resources. Or materials for online courses, or online courses for mixed training projects. Based on these two different positioning, the platform is built differently, and the way of operation should also be different. In the online course library stage, only high-quality courses can be used to attract students; in the learning resource library stage, there are many ways to operate, such as pushing relevant knowledge documents at a specific stage, or establishing a long-term content symbiosis mechanism to encourage people to upload and share professional documents in their field.

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