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Learning is not Training

Managers often ask such a question:why companies introduce a lot of training every year, but employees' performance has not improved significantly. According to the statistics, the proportion of training to improve employee performance is only 3%. In addition to training management and faculty selection errors, business managers' cognitive bias on training and learning may be one of the important reasons. 

To change the traditional training mode, enterprises need to re-examine the existing training form and content, starting from the enterprise strategy, according to the law of individual learning and organizational learning, to establish a more flexible and systematic enterprise learning system. There are five aspects to be considered in building a system of enterprise learning: 

1. Learning strategy. Enterprises should establish a complete set of learning strategies according to the priority of strategic objectives to ensure the effectiveness of learning investment. Effective enterprise learning should focus on the core competence of employees, and the core competence must be matched with the job responsibilities of employees, so that learning can create the greatest benefits for enterprises. 

2. Learning design. Enterprises should design suitable learning methods and learning contents based on learning strategy.  Effective design should be based on student characteristics, learning content and learning environment, and then choose different learning methods. 

3. Learning resources. Enterprises should assess the actual situation of their internal technical equipment and applications in accordance with the requirements of learning strategies, and ensure the accessibility of knowledge and information, smoother communication among members, and integration of work and learning by providing advanced technology.

4. Learning culture. Through the adjustment of culture, a supportive, open and collaborative internal learning environment should be established to support and promote the depth and breadth of learning. Establishing a corporate culture that is willing to learn is crucial for realizing learning change and gaining competitive advantage.

5. Learning assessment. Enterprises should establish a learning evaluation mechanism to ensure the continuous matching among learning strategies, specific measures and enterprise objectives. The assessment mechanism should ensure that the learning system allocates learning resources and manages the flow of funds according to the priority of the enterprise's objectives. It also needs to monitor the investment in learning practice and learning technology by means of generally accepted methods, and evaluates and coordinates the various learning activities of the enterprise so as to support the realization of learning change.

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