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Limitations of Elearning Mobile Learning

Mobile learning management system emphasizes mobility and the driving force of technology on education, which at the same time determine its limitations. These limitations are reflected in the following aspects:

1. The randomness and leisure of elearning mobile learning situations will distract learners' attention. In mobile learning situations, learning environments are complex and diverse. They may be at noisy streets, in the buses, cafes and other places. There are a variety of disturbances around the learners, so that learners cannot completely immerse themselves in learning as in the classroom, which makes it difficult to keep studying for a long time with high attention.

2. The learning environment established by elearning mobile learning and LMS mobile learning is a completely autonomous learning environment, which can only guarantee a set of high-quality education infrastructure for learners, but cannot guarantee the provision of high-quality education, let alone ensure that learners will be able to maximize the acceptance of quality education.

3. Technology drives the development of mobile learning, but it also puzzles the popularization of mobile learning. For example, although mobile devices are portable, their information processing ability is relatively low. Handheld devices generally have small screens, low screen resolution and weak computing ability. The complex operation brought by mobile learning technology is also a big challenge to learners' habit built in offline learning, which needs no frequent operation.

4. Mobile learning is more like a human-computer dialogue, so that the original learning in the pursuit of emotional experience and emotional communication between people become increasingly poor, resulting in the lack of emotional communication, and so on.

Although mobile learning has many limitations, it provides a promising solution to the crisis in today's education.

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