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LMS Mobile Learning Evaluation Checklist

LMS Mobile Learning Evaluation Checklist: choose a suitable learning management system
What can LMS bring to you? You're researching a new LMS, but you can't start? This checklist can help you and your team choose the LMS that best suits your needs.

Look at the ability of your learning and development team
You have a large team with different talents and you want to fully manifest these talents? Or you have a small team, and you want to focus on creating courses to help your colleagues learn? Find the right LMS according to the team's talent.

How to integrate with other software you use
You may use other software other than LMS Mobile Learning. Check the availability of options for connection or integration with other software. Check whether or not the LMS supports the outgoing webhook. Can you connect to the common software such as MailChimp or Hubspot?

Check LMS suppliers’ experience and comments
View the company that is creating LMS. Is it a newborn or a legitimate enterprise? Is it big? Bigger means more expensive, but sometimes, it is small companies that help you get the most out of their products. Understand users' perceptions of the company through the LMS reviews.

Saas vs Software installed on your own server
Learning management systems consist of two big parts: online LMS (Saas) and software installed on your own server. Which one do you like better? Generally, Saas is cheaper and easy to get started. Running your own server is not needed any more. So you don't need IT. If you choose to install it on your own server, that's fine for us... but we think it was what happening in the early 2000s.

What support does LMS provide?
Everyone wants an easy-to-use interface. But as you will spend a lot of time and money on your LMS, you cannot make a decision in a harsh way, it's best to get some help from the LMS professionals. Check Capterra to understand the comments.

Function and demand
You may list a long string of functions you want to get from LMS. If you meet your colleagues and your boss, the list will be longer. It may be too long. Do you really need all these functions? Functions make the system expensive. What you really demand is crucial. Focus on the content you need to get the best learning experience and reduce the time required to manage the course.

I (really) need (the restriction of) SCORM
There are many things to say about SCORM. But you should ask yourself, "do we really need SCORM?" SCORM has many limitations. If we choose SCORM, what will we lose? Don't we want to study and study online? When was the last time we used SCORM? When is it troubles? Or will this lead to a less pleasant experience? Do some self reflection.

Can you build a brand for your online course? If you need it, that's fine. But note that you don't want to design your own online course, or you have to build it from scratch. You need a well-designed distracted and free learning platform to achieve the best results. Too much distraction can destroy learning. So the ideal situation is that it looks beautiful from the beginning, it gives you the opportunity to brand.

Look at the reporting module of LMS Mobile Learning. What does it follow? Can you download the results to Excel easily?

Content creation and management
Does the LMS software contain curriculum builders? Or do I need a separate LCMS to create and manage my online course content?

Pricing and pricing models
Look at the pricing and pricing models of different suppliers. Do you pay by per employee? How much? Or fixed costs, which are cheaper than most paying by per employee. Does LMS supplier charge you system settings (using software) or monthly payment mode? Learning management systems may cost a lot of money, but not necessarily very expensive.

Request on-site demonstration or probation period
Is there a probationary period for LMS? Seeing is believing. Does LMS supplier provide LMS demonstration?

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