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Mobile Learning Management System-A Way of Daily Learning


Nowadays, "Internet + higher education" has become a way of existence and competition for higher education. In this wave, not only ordinary higher education is keen on online education, seizing high-quality resources and sources of higher education, but also adult higher education regards online education as a life-saving straw. However, we can find that in the development of online education in recent years, especially adult education, we always try to simplify the online education process in the design of online education in China, so as to save costs and facilitate students' graduation, while less and less attentions are paid to the quality of personnel training.

The ontological significance of online education is to use "Internet +" to promote educational equity, promote the sharing of high-quality educational resources, and improve the quality of education in an all-round way. It can be said that since its occurrence and development process, the use of Internet technology to promote virtual space "class entity" is its essence. That is to say, any person should be able to achieve the same teaching effect as the those who achieves at teaching places, regardless of time, place and space.

For any higher education, the development of online education must bear in mind the characteristics of the service object, then relies on Internet technology to achieve private customized learning, ubiquitous learning. Taking adult higher education as an example, the service objects of adult higher education have the following characteristics:
1. It attaches more importance to the cultivation of vocational ability and potential for career development, although academic compensation is of great significance;
2. Their time and energy of learning are fragmented, although they are willing to learn;
3. They still hoped to get academic recognition by university to find a sense of belonging, although the opportunity of universal education is missed.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the design and generation of personal customization, ubiquitous learning and holographic learning when we design online education for adult higher education. We believe that it is possible to achieve private customized adult higher education, because of the Internet that provides the possibility. Through Internet technology, we can provide more opportunities, more courses, more teachers to teach students, which itself does not significantly increase the cost.

With the Internet technology, mobile learning management system has become a daily learning mode. All we need is to pay attention to micro lectures and fragmentation in curriculum presentation. Holography is a higher level requirement. It requires the provision of all-round education and teaching services, such as the diversification of the teaching staff, the diversification of the curriculum system, the diversification of learning methods, the diversification of services and so on. In sum, Internet technology has created the possibility that a student can obtain any kind of learning service he needs.

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