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Mobile Learning Management System Brings High Performance to Enterprises


Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, and nearly all the people on the streets just stare down at their mobile devices. Sometimes this gives us the illusion that mobile devices have taken over the world. Through the mobile learning survey, we can understand what the current enterprises have done through mobile learning.

High performance brought by mobile learning management system

The survey finds that up to 73% of companies have started training activities through mobile devices, which is an astonishing figure. On a deeper level, however, mobile learning in most companies is in fact just beginning: 42% of them allow employees to log on to training pages through their mobile browsers --- which, to be honest, is old news. About 2/3 of the enterprises enter the field of mobile learning less than a year.

However, the survey also finds that companies with good performance, i.e., increased revenue over the past year, and most of the key performance indicators (KPI) that performed well, are generally better at using mobile learning than the average business.

In the survey, all companies with good performance all use mobile learning more or less. In addition, the proportion of these enterprises using native App and mobile learning management system is also higher than the average enterprise.

High-performance companies also put more contents on mobile learning platforms than other companies. For example, more high-performance companies (30% more than other companies) put almost all training videos on mobile platforms. The same trend also appears in modules such as curriculum modules, evaluation systems, performance support, and even games.

Although mobile learning itself is still a relatively new field, more and more enterprises using mobile learning have verified the effectiveness of this training method:

1. Sending notifications through mobile devices proved to be very effective: 69% of respondents agreed.
2. The video contents of the mobile platform are also very effective: 64% of the respondents agreed.
3. Performance supported by mobile platforms is also effective: 62% of respondents agree.
4. The learning assessment system for mobile platforms is very effective: 56% of respondents agreed.
5. The game learning on mobile platforms is very effective: 53% of respondents agreed.

Statistics also show that the longer the enterprise uses mobile learning, the higher the proportion of efficiency is. For example, 89 percent of companies that have spent more than two years on mobile learning believe that mobile video is effective, compared with 61 percent of companies that have spent less than six months on mobile learning. Obviously, mobile video, performance support system and evaluation system are proved to be effective mobile learning links, and also a good starting point of entering the field of mobile learning for enterprises.

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