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Mobile Learning Operations: To Know the Characteristics of Your Trainees

To enhance the effectiveness of training, business training and operators of best mobile learning must be very clear about the fact: what are your trainees like? What are their characteristics? Winning Club of Elearning Mobile Learning believes that although they work together in an enterprise, but business training, mobile learning programs, and the corresponding trainees are different, so the characteristics of the group are different, and the characteristics of the trainees directly affect the strategy and details of operation.

What are the characteristics of students?
Characteristics refer to the characteristics shared by a group. The characteristics of trainees in enterprise internal training and mobile learning generally include trainee's identity, age, sex, location, marital status, industry, nature of work, behavior, preferences, habits and so on. All these characteristics are clear, and a clear portrait of the students naturally comes out in our mind.

What is the impact on operation?
The trainees of different training and mobile learning programs have different users, different characteristics, so the operation strategies and some details should also be different.

Identity: People with different identities have different thinking patterns, work content and habits, so the operation strategy should also be different. If a mobile learning project is targeted at new employees, it needs to push more enterprise profiles and cultural content, and online interaction can be richer and more frequent. Because new employees are new to an enterprise and really eager to understand the enterprise profiles and interactive exchanges. If a mobile learning project is targeted at middle managers for promotion, the push strategy requires choosing the content they need most and the most convenient time, because they are usually busy.

Age and sex: these two elements can usually be put together for analysis. Different age and sex affect the content and time of pushing, the frequency and form of interaction. Younger people stay up late and love new things. A funny title works especially well for them. For older people, most of them are willing to accept serious expressions and interactions, and work and rest regularly, which is related to the time and manner in which they participate in mobile learning and interaction. Enterprises with more males, such as logistics, the content should be in male flavor, to arouse emotional resonance; and for enterprises with more females, such as the clothing industry, the interactive form can be more intimate, and full of delicate emotions.

Location and marital status: In first-tier cities and second- and third-tier cities, students' habits and preferences will be different. First-tier city group work under a lot pressure, for them, self-growth are urgent. So the number of people involved in mobile learning will generally be more. While second-tier and third-tier city life pressure is not so big, their jobs are more stable, the driving force of self-learning is naturally weak, so the same enterprise mobile learning project should have two models if there are two groups of people at the same time, they need to be differentiated. Whether single or not is also an influencing factor. If you are single or unmarried, mobile learning programs may be more active, and if there are more married people, mobile learning content push and interaction should pay attention to the choice of their convenient way and time point.

Industry, nature of work: People in different industries and different nature of work, their thinking, behavior and preferences will be very different, which largely affects the operation of mobile learning. For example, people on the Internet usually work in contact with computers and mobile phones; they have long been accustomed to the online way. In this group, promoting and operating mobile learning will be relatively easy; and for manufacturing, logistics industry, the time of front-line staff to look at mobile phone is little, and after work most of their time is for entertainment, so it is relatively more different to promote elearning mobile learning among them.

Behavior, Preferences, Habits: How busy students are at work, what they like, what aspects of self-growth needs are strong, being willing to show themselves or being used to keep low-key, like online interaction or offline meeting, like to share or used to be silent, when off-duty, then have break? What do you like to do after work? What kind of movies do you like? What books you do like? All of them can provide a lot of decision-making basis for mobile learning operation.

Operating is like getting along with a person. If you want to play with him and get along well with him, you must first understand him deeply. Winning Club of Elearning Mobile Learning believes that mobile learning operation, only to understand the user first, to achieve user-centered, user experience-oriented Internet thinking operation principles, then it can use the essence of the Internet to enhance the effectiveness of enterprise training, hence help enterprise talent develop.

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