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Mobile Learning Platform-The Future of Enterprise Training

In the United States, 79% of large enterprises now use online learning programs. In China, this trend is also becoming increasingly obvious, and the budget of the enterprises for online learning is increasing at a rate of 15% per year. Enterprises that have already been or are about to carry out corporate online learning are increasing at a rate of 10% per year. Online training system can help enterprises to quickly build their own mobile learning platform, and provide online training resources and systematic training management services for enterprises. It is a necessary tool for employees to improve themselves, to lead the evaluation of training and to realize the whole member training.

What problems can cloud learning solve?

1. Difficult organization

The traditional training has some disadvantages, such as the difficulty of staff organization, the conflict between work and study, and so on. The mobile learning platform can easily realize the information maintenance and department management of trainees, ensure that the information of trainees is independent and organized in the system. At the same time, it can set up temporary groups to facilitate the implementation of cross-departmental training.

2. Difficult tracking

Traditional training usually takes the form of on-the-spot teaching. It is difficult to evaluate and assess the training effect in the later stage, and it is difficult to quantify the training effect. The mobile learning platform can make training plans and publish tasks at any time. At the same time, it can track students' learning progress by using the forms of reports, team management, etc. and set learning goals for team students.

3. Fewer resources

The traditional training has few learning resources, and the courseware is influenced by lecturers' experience and energy. Mobile learning platform has a comprehensive curriculum system planning because it brings together the wisdom of a large number of lecturers. The courseware covers a wide range of industries and posts, and students can learn freely anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the executives can upload internal resources(such as promotional films, product documents, etc.) only for employees to learn, which solves the problem of internal training materials collation. In addition, some online training systems even provide templates for the courseware, users can organize their own training courseware for the use of trainees according to the templates.

4. Small market

As the traditional training is limited by the cost, venues and other conditions, it is generally only designed for middle and senior managers, only a few staff receive training. Online training covers low, middle and senior levels because it is not limited by the venue, its cost is low, and the courseware is abundant. At the same time, the online management can easily achieve the whole-staff learning control. In addition, the development of mobile terminals can achieve multi-device learning and adapt to different learning scenarios. For example, the PC terminal can achieve user management and learning, and the mobile APP can achieve learning function, making users better make use of the fragment time and improving the training effect.

5. High cost

Traditional training costs include lecturer fees, venue arrangement fees, etc. The investment is large but the training time is short. However, the mobile learning platform is free from lecturer fees and venue fees. Some online training systems even take the form of " rental system, free content", which is very attractive to users.

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