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What is Self-Paced Learning

The definition of self-paced learning

What is self-paced learning? Does it mean improving memory or testing whenever you want? Is self-paced learning a learning solution?
By self-paced learning, you are not asked to answer questions within a certain period of time, you can answer questions with the time they need. Every learner can decide the time needed to answer questions.

Advantages of self-paced learning

The advantages that can improve the performance of participants are as follows:
  • No time limitation
In self-paced learning, there is no need to check time regularly, you can just take your time to learn. It is easy for employees to fail an exam under the pressure of time. For example, employees have their own reading proficiency, and if they are not given enough time to fill in the correct answers, they will just write a wrong answer hurriedly. In self-paced learning, employees can have enough time to answer questions.
  • No timetable is required
Self-paced learning allows participants to answer questions within the time you need, so you do not need to be prepared at a specific time. You can set the deadline for the course. For example, the curriculum needs to be completed within a week. This is particularly easy for trainers who enable their employees to arrange their own time. Employees can decide when to arrange tests. You can even suspend your test and continue on the second day.
  • Memory improvement
The memory of the participants can be improved as they are under no time pressure in self-paced learning. The function of the test is not just to let the participants do tasks better but to let them remember the information given.
  • Suitable for different learning styles
Each participant has their own unique learning style. When you just understand the first question, the other person may almost finish the whole task. People who can finish the tests quickly do not have to wait for others. Some people may be more willing to take the same test again because they want to improve their performance. You can adapt yourself to different ways of learning through self-paced learning, which will not only delight trainer or employers, but also yourselves.
  • Self-paced learning and Bebox
Tests, exams, assessments and courses can be in sync with Bebox LMS. Therefore, if you don't want to take traditional tests, self-paced learning is the best choice. You can set the time limit for the participants to complete the task. You can also finish the tasks in several times. Self-paced learning is a good choice to improve the scheduling, and you can learn according to your leaning schedule.

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