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Best Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems
Bebox Mobile Learning platform is a Best Cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) which is suite of integrated modules that manage the entire life cycle of employees learning and development.

With Our market-leading Learning Management System (LMS) that puts you in control of all your employee's training, you will able to experience's the best Blended Learning approaches and move beyond the traditional classroom training.

A Platform with complete features to suit all you need

Our LMS solutions are covers the areas of competency assessment, course authoring, enrollment and approval, course delivery, classroom facility booking, online assessments, progress tracking, course evaluation, Examinations, social learning, and reporting etc.

With rich functionality of Bebox Mobile Learning Platform, configurable design, scalable architecture and flexible deployment option of this enterprise e-learning system make the platform of choice for corporations, SMEs and educational institutes to manage the learning process.

It provides a cost-effective solution for enterprises with multiple locations and complex organizational structure. It conforms to major international e-learning standards (such as AICC, SCORM) to ensure seamless interoperability and enterprise applications, such as ERP and HRMS.

  • Training Center Training Center
    Is to allow Enterprise users with group of companies, branches & different subsidiaries to isolate their training management from each other’s in a single powerful Learning Management System (LMS).
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  • Course & Exam Management Course & Exam Management
    Allow users to build & maintain their own courses with multiple content types and creating an exam or quizzes with different type of questions format easily in a single powerful Learning Management System (LMS).
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  • Classroom Management Classroom Management
    Provide a handful of features to handle offline training. All offline training records & contents can be monitor and tracked in Bebox Mobile Learning Platform.
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  • Knowledge Center Knowledge Center
    Providing a centralized repository for users to store and manage information& learning material and allow to upload with different types of materials such as an article, documentation, videos, and pictures.
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  • Blended Learning Blended Learning
    Providing a centralized repository for users to store and manage information & learning material and allow to upload with different types of materials such as article, documentation, videos, and pictures.
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  • Mobile Learning Mobile Learning
    Bebox Mobile Learning are designed to be fully responsive, and allow users to learn at anytime and anywhere, Bebox Mobile App is ready and available to support both Android & iOS platform.
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  • Social Learning Social Learning
    Social Learning is a way of learning with and from others people. It can be happened with or without social media tools.
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  • E-Certifications & Retaining E-Certifications & Retaining
    We are providing a E-certificates feature which is allow you to manage & centralized your certificates.
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  • Reporting & Statistic Reporting & Statistic
    Providing a series of Learning Reports for your monitor and further analysis all the courses or learners data.
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  • SCORM & AICC Compliance SCORM & AICC Compliance
    Bebox Mobile Learning are AICC & SCORM Compliance, Support SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004. Easily upload all kind of learning material.
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Why do Enterprises Need Learning Platform?

First of all, the establishment of the enterprise e learning system can infuse new blood in the enterprises continuously, reduce the damage caused by the brain drain, solve the difficulties and problems encountered by the enterprises at any time, reverse some old ideas and thinking into the direction of adapting to the needs of the market development, and improve the working attitude, ability and quality of the staff in various departments to a certain extent. The fierce competition of the market demands the ability of the staff to be promoted constantly, and the enterprise will develop and grow thereupon.

Furthermore, the enterprise training management system is a kind of "quality investment". It can not only increase the talent and skill of the staff, release the pressure of employees, exercise organs and limbs, but also cultivate the cooperation ability of the staff, encourage the staff’s morale, create the organizational climate, deepen the internal communication, promote the strategic sharing, promote the goal identification, make the enterprise be bound together, build enterprise culture, and set up the enterprise spirit.

Finally, through the enterprise learning platform, the staff will keep a good attitude, determine their own goals, and carry a grateful heart to realize their life value.

Development Trend of Enterprise Learning Management System

ASP will be the best choice for enterprises to implement e-learning 
The greatest feature of the ASP mode is that the initial investment and the implementation time are next to nothing, which enables enterprises to get an access to the online learning that they long for at the lowest cost, and breaks the restrictions that online learning can only be used in large enterprises. Bebox learning management system online platform has the characteristics of "zero investment, zero time, zero maintenance and zero risk", leading the development of e-learning. 

Supply of network training courses is becoming richer 
As the demand for the online curriculum rises, the domestic curriculum with independent property rights will further increase, and a large number of excellent local e-learning courses will be developed on the basis of the joint action of business, society and university research institutions. 

Ways of learning become more diverse
With the various forms of blended learning, everyone can learn knowledge and skills at any time and anywhere. E-learning will gradually develop into the main training mode for enterprises. 

Learning information and tools will be effectively embedded in learning systems
Online learning will no longer provide training courses simply, it will also provide practical learning information and working improvement tools in accordance with customer' needs.

Evolution of e learning management platform to enterprise knowledge management
The learning platform not only manages the learner and courses but also pays more attention to the knowledge accumulation of the enterprise staff through all-the-way tracking, interactive communication and sharing, performance improvement evaluation and so on.
E-learning providers with strong comprehensive strength will be the first choice for enterprises, and the division of cooperation will become clearer.

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