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Classroom Management
To overcome your corporate learning challenges, we are providing a scalable, secured Enterprise Cloud-based LMS – Bebox Mobile Learning。

Classroom and Attendance Tracking

 Provide a handful of features to handle offline training.

All offline training records and contents can be monitor and track in our Learning Management System (LMS) - Bebox Mobile Learning.
Classroom Management

E Learning Makes Learning More Interactive

Try to use a variety of materials and learning tools and maximize the appeal of the course content. Use all possible means to enhance the employee's sense of commitment, such as case studies, surveys, analogy, etc., and use a variety of tests to test the students' understanding.
The e learning training courses can include real cases, pictures, literature, charts, and interview records of key people.
After each important concept of learning, you can ask one to three small questions to test whether the employee understands the learning content in real time, rather than waiting until the end of the entire course to assess. When designing a problem, try to use the case or the actual work scenario as much as possible in order to allow students to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned, not just rote.
There can be a feedback session in mobile learning system id needed. In the case of non-synchronized teaching, feedback can be achieved through forums, discussion boards, or emails between lecturers and other students; if it is synchronous teaching, you can use the chat room, the on-site discussion session of the webinar, or follow-up email interaction to achieve feedback.
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