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Course & Exam Management
As a Cloudbased Learning Management System, we allow you to connect all your workforce and make your learning process to be more simple, easy, flexible, Time efficient and Cost Effective.

Course & Exam Management

Compatible with different types of learning material. Allow the user to build & maintain their courses content by uploading Words, Excel, PowerPoint, Video, Audio, PDF, and Pictures etc.  and allow to create exams or quizzes with different types of questions format easily in a single powerful Learning Management System (LMS) - Bebox Mobile Learning.
Course & Exam Management

Tips To Make LMS Mobile Learning Effective

Supervise and report on learning outcomes
View training-related data on a daily or weekly basis, and pay timely attention to special situations (such as the drop in registration rate and training completion rate, low training completion rate, etc.).
At any time by phone or email, to know whether the employees have any difficulties in learning.
Keep in touch with the employees' managers, and discuss at any time whether there is any way to improve the training completion rate.
Keep in touch with the employees who have completed the training to see if anyone is willing to return to the online learning courses as a mentor for the new learner.

Learning assessment
At the end of each LMS e learning course, there must be an assessment session to get first-hand feedback.
Send a more detailed assessment and feedback form to the employee within one week after the end of the course.
After three to four weeks after the end of e learning training courses, an after-course assessment is conducted again to test the employee' ability to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to the work environment. Provide some incentives to increase the participation rate of after-school assessments (such as meal coupons, discount coupons, etc.).
Conduct a post-class telephone or email survey of the employee managers to understand the participants' views on the online study courses and whether their performance has improved, to find out which skills are being applied to the job, which skills are not, and why, also to review how to improve the training program.

Improving the course
Use after-course assessments, surveys, interviews, and feedback from all employee or their managers to improve and enhance the content and design of the e learning course to better match the needs of the business.

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