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Bebox Mobile Learning – A Cloudbased Learning Management Systems to help you to sets your company towards success.

Knowledge Center

As a Powerful Learning Management System (LMS), Bebox Mobile Learning also provided a feature called Knowledge Center, is a centralized repository to store and manage information, and allow to upload with different types of material such as an article, documentation, videos, and pictures.
Knowledge Center

To Make LMS E Learning Center Effective

With the rapid development of Internet technology, many large companies have adopted the training mode of mobile learning platform for staff training. Compared with traditional teaching methods, e-learning is more flexible in teaching time and lower in teaching cost.

How do we ensure the effectiveness of online mobile learning? In fact, the key to measuring the success of e learning course management is not that employee take a few points after class, but whether they can apply the knowledge and ability they have learned in practical work. In other words, the so-called "effective" lms mobile learning is not only to let employee remember more things, but also to enable them to bring out what they have learned. Before the lms mobile learning course, in the course, and after the course, the following ten steps will be taken respectively, which will help to improve the effectiveness of the training and make the e-Learning truly meet the needs of the enterprise. 

Create A Work-Centric Course 
Interview trainees and their managers to understand the specific job requirements. Make sure that every skill you train is needed for your actual job.  
Decompose the entire training curriculum into specific skills priorities and align with the employee's work needs. Create systematic learning management system training courses with different skill priorities, rather than a loose, hobby course.  
Take mixed teaching approach. Clearly distinguish which parts of the course need to be taught asynchronously (by the employee independently on the Internet), which ones need to be synchronized (using webinars or virtual classroom techniques), and which parts are best done in physical classrooms.  

Design independent learning objectives, learning tasks, and the skills the employee need for each part of the course. Decompose training materials into smaller modules according to skill priorities and time schedules, in principle, the learning of each module should be completed in 15 to 20 minutes.      

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