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Training Center

The idea of Training Center is to allow Enterprise or Corporate users with the group of companies,  branches or different subsidiaries to isolate their training management from each other's in a single powerful Learning Management System (LMS) - Bebox Mobile Learning.

Training Center

Questions to Think About Before Introduction Of the Mobile Learning System

When companies want to introduce the mobile learning system, they often don't know where to start, not to mention that there are a bunch of computer terms that HR have never heard of. If you are worried about how to plan a mobile learning system, please think about the following myths:

1. What is the online learning platforms?
The core of online learning platforms is online course, plus an auxiliary course management platform, a course making tool, and an overall consultant planning service, which is the complete e learning solutions.

2. Which is more important between system and course?
Wheter system or course is more important depends on the size of the organization. However, the initial recommendation is to develop or introduce online courses.

3. The function of the course making tool should be as good as possible, the more the better!
Course making tools should be considered from the perspective of real users. If most of the users have strong computer operating capabilities, then no problem. However, most of the lecturers in charge of training or development courses in the enterprise do not have the same computer operation ability as the information department colleagues, too many functions will cause problems in the information department or training unit, therefore, the proposed function should be simple, easy to learn, and easy to modify.

4. Hard equipment must be perfect before introducing online enterprise learning platform.
Basically, hard devices must reach a certain level, but the most important thing is whether the habit of using computers and e-Mails in the enterprise has been developed.

5. What messages do I need to know in advance to start planning?
It is better to know first: why should the organization be introduced? The organization's present network environment, the basic equipment of the computer, the existing training system. Ask the companies that have been promoted, ask consultants, and go online to see related websites.

6. Which members should be added to the e learning training platform?
In the initial stage, your company must include: Human Resources Training Colleagues, Head of Human Resources Department, Information Department network administrator and Head of the Information Department.
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