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Getting your Bebox Mobile Learning Management System Up and Running with Bebox Mobile LMS, we will help you to sets your organization towards success

Easy steps, exclusive enterprise learning platform can be used on-line

The bebox mobile learning platform product team will provide
a series of personalized configuration, project application planning, training and so on
System settings
Training data setting
System operation training
System on-line
In a week, the mobile learning platform can be quickly Online
Legal and technical aspects of ensuring data and user information security
  • Kickoff project
    Kickoff project Phase 1
    Kickoff project
    Our goal is to build a long-term strategy to achieve your learning and development goals, starting with successful adoption of your learning platform.

    During this meeting, we'll review your project's goals and deployment timelines.
  • Use Case Discovery & Planning
    Use Case Discovery & Planning Phase 2
    Use Case Discovery & Planning
    We'll delve into your specific use cases, which will inform upcoming implementation sessions and deliverables.

    Your implementation Specialist will develop a custom implementation journey and ensure you have everything needed to get started and begin configuring your system to your specifications.
  • Training, Organization & Configuration
    Training, Organization & Configuration Phase 3
    Training, Organization & Configuration
    Our Learning & Support Specialists will deliver a series of targeted learning modules and share best practices

    After each module you will be able to configure the related part of the system on your own.

    Your implementation Specialist will conduct follow-up calls after each step to ensure all questions are answered and that knowledge is properly applied to your use cases.
  • Testing Period
    Testing Period Phase 4
    Testing Period
    To ensure you are ready to roll out your new platform we will assist you in developing a strategy for a "soft launch" to test out the platform with a small number of beta users.

    Together we'll verify that your use cases are being met by the final configuration and that everyone is happy with the result
  • Final Review
    Final Review Phase 5
    Final Review
    We'll review feedback from your soft launch together and help you incorporate any required changes into your platform.

    We'll complete a final walkthrough of the topics covered during the implementation process and confirm all objectives have been met.
  • Transition to Customer Success
    Transition to Customer Success Phase 6
    Transition to Customer Success
    At the end of the implementation process your Customer Success Manager will take over as your point of contact and advocate at Bebox.

Advantages of Corporate Online Learning Management System

More convenient
Corporate online training makes information access more convenient. Employee can learn in their own way whenever and wherever. If your employees spread throughout the country or even around the world, online training can guarantee that all employees receive the same information. Learning management system helps employees to access information at any time, and deliver training content to employees through mobile terminals. This kind of technology is very cool, isn't it?

More attractive to employees
The demand-based online training can meet our needs for knowledge sharing, and can also provide relevant subject experts for people of the same trade or occupation to share information directly.
Besides, online training can also provide a safer and more secure space for introverted employees, enabling them to ask their own questions and discuss with experienced colleagues.
Employee e-Learning is an immediate and cost-effective way of training. Corporate e learning can improve the efficiency of training and the participation of students. Online training makes knowledge sharing easier, the salespeople can learn while selling products, instead of sitting in a lecture hall to listen to training lectures. In addition, online training can also reduce the cost of inviting training lecturers, travel, and infrastructure.

Simple but interesting
Many interesting interactions can be added to the corporate online learning courses, such as videos, games, or other interesting interaction sessions.

LMS Training Management System Features

Many enterprises have understood that training management system is valuable, and an enterprise without training will be eliminated by society. Enterprise online learning not only provides learning courses for employees, but also recommends courses to employees according to the enterprise development strategy, provides suitable post courses for the staff in combination with the product business, and records the enterprise curriculum in reference with the enterprise culture, all of which make the staff fully understand and carry out the enterprise strategy.
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